ref 4 melody who is also a hot & powerful mom and source of all my Pain

michael with a beard :0


how about an Alternate universe where hes actually Cleanly shaven for once

also not pictured: lilly holding clippers

how do you draw bodies, esp. torsos and arms? im having a lot of difficulty finding where to start on learning about them

UHH i am very sorry for taking so long to reply to this!! i was Trying to figure out a way to Explain (also my anatomy is not good at all so i dont really feel like i should be giving Advice on it…)

of course im gonna tell u to Look at Refs.. maybe trace over pics & figure out the Shapes that make a body u know? i like to sketch stuff out by kinda Drawing the person like a ball jointed doll where you can see where stuff bends? (mostly with arms..)

like this

if that makes any sense? im not sure if this really helps you or anything im sorry ; q; you can also look at yourself in a mirror if youre having trouble figuring out how something should look!!

arms are very hard for me too i Understand


chris would be a Bad maid all hed do is follow u around calling u Master & lifting up his dress

make ocs then make parents for the ocs then CRY!

trade with tetralite !


hi! im sorry that i need to make this post but i wanted to let everyone know that i do not want any of my art being used in themes or as tumblr icons (or as icons on any other site for that matter) unless it was something specifically made for you. reposting any of my art is also not ok at all

im glad that you like my characters but they are Mine and it makes me uncomfortable to see people using art of them as they please. id love to continue sharing art of chris on here but always he seems to be the biggest victim of this haha

and a reminder that transparent art ≠ free to use (unless specifically stated in the artists comment)

thank you for reading!

a cute goat i Bought >:-D

new ref for chris cos people would ask me if he only had one arm LOL

he has a human nose btw! it just looks Weird in this style so i left it Off


his name is __? he wants to kiss a lot. the sprouts on him r Normal sprouts when hes relaxed/normal state. Suddenly pop into flowers when excited or embarrassed & droop a lil when hes sad

i just wanted an oc w/ a cute sprout on their head To Be Honest